Tech Support

It took me a while to realise if I was to work with other people and others with me, then we needed to know each others skills and preferred tools.

I learnt to try any tool once and I preferred to learn from another enthusiastic user than by myself.

Community Tip

The responsibility of introducing a new tech is on the advocates of the new tech.
Make use of prewritten tutorials, look for Beginner videos and have them ready for the community expected to use the tool.

The MORE who know a tool within your group, then the less there is to teach.

So while suggesting leading edge tools which may have hugely attractive features, unless the community knows how to use them they mean nothing.

Evaluate the cost of a tech leap first by involving those you expect to use it.

More Help

While I have limited time I can sometimes answer your query via chat, give it a go and it helps me figure whats missing from the articles, which means I hope you have at least looked at the Knowledge Base first.

Tools Knowledge Base

Tools Zoho Knowledge Base

Tools Google Knowledge Base

For further support including screen share and remote service - You can book a call with me here

For your Business or Community

Contact me through chat if you think my mind could be a good addition to your tech team, especially if you use or would like to use the following tools, Zoho, Filemaker, Joomla or ChatGPT.

Also available to talk through the pros and cons of various tools and their induction into your business or community.

You can book a call with me here