Human Productivity

What does your day start with? What workflow regime do you follow? What tools do you use, and who guides and helps you in choice and implementation? From prioritising your inbox, reminding you of what to do, practice zero inbox here. Minimal handling opf data with all bits leading back to the CRM

Clip links and emails to Notes.
It’s nice to be able to right-click webpages and add them to the project notebook for later reference. So much easier to zero inbox as your handling the emails value right there and then without going down the rabbit hole the link may represent, everything‘s been worked slowly directed to where it needs to be
Also good to know that each email is automatically being assigned to that contact in the CRM and if they’re not in the CRM with the click of a couple of buttons, they can be

Handle chatbots or call queries

No longer need to hand out your phone number, as website visitors can now call you from the site chat/callbot.
Every now and then, Chat or Call will be activated by one of the visitors to your website.
Organic Kulcha managers can even manage the calls for you if you are busy
.  We use Knowledge Bank as a way to store all the helpful articles that are written to respond to user client customer questions While the chat or the call is trying to find an operator to help, it is already suggesting articles or forums for the user to peruse while waiting. If an operator cannot be found in a reasonable period of time, then it will convert the Chat to a ticket for the manager through the desk, which is again linked to the CRM

Integrate Books.

Invoice off a client through Books and instead of using Zero, handle all the operations for a service-oriented business

Social Footprint.

Manage multiple brands through one manager through its components campaign for all newsletters and social for all the social marketing


Use integrations to populate or update your CRM. Extract the LinkedIn profile data from the organisation and contact saving you heaps of time,  as well as improving the accuracy of my data and improving your LinkedIn footprint