What We Build

Custom coding has been about building unique customer solutions for people who think their company is very different from another when, basically, the differences are very small. There is now rarely a reason to build from scratch.

Time Affective.

Now, when we build a particular type of tool, we build it with a particular user in mind: the user who wants their website to work with them, understand them, and help them work better.

Cost Effective.

The cost effectiveness is in comparing all the different tools you use through the year against what OK can provide, and I think you’ll find that the Zoho One platform is excellent value for money for the following: if you are a single person, projects 1 to 3 are so small that you have multiple brands, multiple projects, etc., and yet there’s a high degree of crossover; you’re talking to the same people.

Industry Specialists.

A classic example of this would be the festival industry.
Where you have newsletters to produce a social network to manage