Data Audits
If data supply chain is the same as any other chain, then to an extent same principles apply and by acknowledging this data chain, we can then design processes to improve on them.
So if you want your website to sell your product then you are already recognising your data chain does include your website. It is not just an advertising portal.
So now extend this data chain model across your business. 
How does your data travel from customer through your organisation and how is it handled to maximise efficiencies in the same way your find more efficiencies in milking cows
How does your data work within
your production
your bank/customers bank
your suppliers
your distributors
your resellers
your customers
their customers
and all the various considerations built within those systems
and then the technology it would then best work on
At the moment we buy a fax, we buy a computer, a screen, each an individual unit based on advertising, price and availability. The single plant approach.
Its hard to see your office space as a garden however that is what OrganicKulcha is about. The way your organisation reacts, acts and interacts within the innumerable variables of the jungle and the garden in a way that mimics real life

We know at OKC we are the right company for you because your industry taught us what we needed to know, we are the memetically enshrined version of the organic/slow/biodynamic/natural way of doing things.
We can look at your data chains and identify many points where savings in both time and resources are identified and reduced. That by better understanding the environment your data has to exist within you too can start to make better choices about what you need.
and as you know in gardening we all can teach ourselves, however it is handy to know those things grandpa taught you, or your parents when tending your first plot with.

AT OKC we want to be that gardener and share with you what we have learn’t so far and give you the edge in todays organic marketing world
The nodes/the boxes/the mind, all think(abstract), two are tech, one is organic, FB, Google, YoutbeApple, PC, Android, tablet, csv, msql, all part of an ever growing jungle/garden
We help you develop and overall plan to your space and the processes growing within it.