Becoming A Client

Ever felt like commissioning a garden, a place where you chose the location, the plants  After awhile you realise it can be a  full time job in itself and this is where we come in. We are the digital gardeners who help look after it.

We do not believe in selling you a website. We believe youa re looking for the best digital presence you can get for an ongoing period of time and the last thing you want to do is go get a new website very few years. Youw ant your website to grow ith you business, you need it to be agile, adaptable and most of all extendable.

So we wil be there with you every month maintaining, updating your digital garden and informing you of new opportunities the digital domain is offering today

YOu want more than a website. You want a digital garden for your enterprise to grow in. You want it to grow and be a healthy garden, one full of good healthy plants attracting pollinators integral in producing a good next crop of customers.

Organic Kulcha asks it's clients to begin their website not as something to be pourchased and upgraded every so often. OK is seeking clients whoa re looking for an ongoing relationship in the same way you retain a bookkeeper.

To be sure we can grow  the right digital garden for you

To us it is in how you instruct us in how you would like to see your digital garden grow and leaving it up to OK to get you there.