We realised most of the time most of our clients they never really understood what we were saying when we spoke geek. They just wanted a website and had asked a friend what are some good questions to ask, much like you would do when you seek advice from a friend about buying a car.

This is no way to approach the digital domain which is constantly evolving and yesterdays advice was for the digital domain yesterday.

So buying a static solution while everything is changing around you is counter-intuitive and so we developed more of a partner approach. A different way of helping our clients understand what they need to know  without having to learn a whole new language.

Do you get a website? Yes

Do you get email accounts? Yes

and a myriad of other services like them

or you can join us and learn another way of looking at the Digital Ecosystem where your business grows according to Organic Kulcha Principles

Clients really wanted

We found people really wanted to be reassured that there investment was a good one and they could evaluate that somehow. They wanted to make sure it suited their philosophy, their way about life and would their business grow as a result of it.

After a short while we realised much of the digital language is natural, (bugs) for example exist in both and there are so many other examples, then it just got fun, so here goes, the first description of a organic digital garden.

Imagine a digital garden where the soil is healthy and the energy bright and stable, where a newsletter grows next to the FAQ and the Contact is thriving because of its position next to Login. A digital garden demonstrating your understandings of companion planting and good plant selection. 

Your choices guided by a digital gardener who help tend your space, encouraging local bees and pollinators from their Facebook  Twitter SN hives. As the users fly about the net, they occasionally rest on the different flowers that are blooming in your garden gathering up eagerly all the info.

They take the info back to the hive and before you know it your digital garden is alive and abundant with the digital equivalent of plants, fruit, flowers, bees and insects that make up your garden at home.

Togethor we ward off the pests, we resist the predators and most of all we always reflect on our process.

We know that artificial fertilisers whether they be TV, Radio or Print, are nothing compared to the natural process of socialising. Buying unnnecsary advertising makes your ground sick in the long run. We help you choose the right location, the type and size of your garden, the plant selection and help you tend it to a state of abundance using the Principles of Organic Kulcha.

They could talk in code java, bootstrap, frameworks, phrases of the IT specialist, however we think this is nicer because it brings us closer to the sort of relationship we want with all our suppliers

A Happy Customer

We are on a mission.

To Demystify the technology and talk about what is important to you, growing your business


Social Conscience is a key factor.

There are reasons why you chose the more natural organic way of things, you feel better, its not artificial and that has to be good, less plastic in your message.


The Secret to our success is in sustainability.

Yes you could throw thousands of dollars marketing your site through traditional phosphate loaded campaigns, or while albeit a little slower in the beginning allow for a more natural organic way of growing your digital garden